• Consulting

Total IT Infrastructure

Ehost IDC offers services in the most reliable Tier 3 data centers with the most efficient and stable infrastructure for all of our customers.

With the help of our experienced consulting team, you can build your own server infrastructure in any of our data centers in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Russia.

Total IT Consulting

We provide you with free “1-on-1” consulting with our professional infrastructure engineers.
EHost IDC  help you build the most efficient infrastructure that you need.

Ehost Cloud Data Center


   Prevention against malicious traffic through 24/7/365 monitoring of virtual servers and the network

    Protection of customer’s data  through virtual private network (VPN) access

    Using a  proxy servers to mitigate DDoS attacks

    Using a load balancer to disperse traffic load

Infra Consulting

   Choosing the most efficient solution for your cloud infrastructure by conducting a detailed analysis of your past and (or) present service

   Integration with more compatible cloud platforms  and various management environment Identifying the best configurations for the entire performance of firewall, load balancer and storage.

Network Monitoring

   24/7/365 Network monitoring

   Management of ‘scalable’ cloud resources to achieve the most efficient maximization of network performance

   Real time migration of data on each cloud server to maintain a stable connection

Total Management

   Constant monitoring of customer services in order to ensure efficient performance in the cloud

   Continuous improvement of the Cloud environment to efficiently utilize the network architecture