• Managed Services

E Host IDC Management Service Structure

Ehost IDC’s management service fee is as follows:

Category item Unmanaged Semi Managed Fully Managed
Maintenance OS re-installation (Windows, Linux) Charged Included Assignment of
1:1 engineer
Application setup Charged Included
Web log analysis tool provision Charged Included
Directory permission setting Charged Included
APM setup and setting (On demand) Charged Included
Web server setup and account setting Charged Included
Database setup and account setting Charged Included
Name Server setting and management Up to 3 times Included
FTP setup and environment setting Charged Included
Mail Server account setting Charged Included
Server replacement (Due to failure up to 10 days) Charged Included
IP KVM remote console provision Charged Included
Monitoring 24/7 Monitoring Included Included Assignment of 1:1 engineer
Traffic monitoring Included Included
Port monitoring 1 Port 5 Ports
SMS alarm (During port failure) Charged Included
Security Latest Kernel update (on demand) Charged Included Assignment of 1:1 engineer
Security patch updating Charged Included
Regular inspection of network vulnerabilities Included Included
Web firewall setup Charged Included
Overseas IP blockade Charged Included
Backup Local backup setting (during addition of backup disk) Included Included Assignment of 1:1 engineer
Remote backup service (Until 10 GB, on demand) Charged Included
Backup data failure restore Charged Charged
Consulting Large service construction - consulting Charged Included Assignment of 1:1 engineer
System logs and web, DB logs management analysis Charged Included
LVS load balance service (Linux) Charged Included
Total Management Cost $0 / per month $150 / per month Ask Separately

 Please note

- This service is only for customers that use Windows and Linux, and does not include any correction of DB design nor source files.

- In case of re-installation of the Operating System (OS), an additional fee may apply for backup and data transfer (please consult us in advance).

- Web hosting servers are not included in this server management. However, a separate arrangement may be agreed upon.

- The basic contract of server management lasts 3 (three) months. The penalties might be charged for anearly termination of the server.

- All maintenance items marked as “on demand” are only provided when requested for by the customer.

- A maximum of 3 (three) domains can be used for free in the ‘DNS setting and management’ service.

- Security service is provided separately upon request from the customer.